“The Garden for Taking Pleasure Later.” Crab Fat Magazine, September 1, 2018.

“I knew I was considered unique, and sometimes even pretty, but when I looked in the mirror, I saw nothing but the fracturing of incongruous parts...”


“Strawberry Wine.” Arcturus | Chicago Review of Books, June 18, 2018.

I love you in that case meant I accept you…”


“Angels.” Entropy, November 19, 2017.

“The first thing I saw in the aftermath was a beam of light from a video camera...”


“The Butterfly Cage.” The Account, Fall 2017.

“Sampson arrives early. He scurries through the door and crashes into me for a hug, his unzipped coat trailing like a cape behind him. Sampson is fast. This fact is even spelled out in his IEP...”

“Still Life.” BOAAT, September/October 2017.

Write terrible poems, the doctor said. Just fill in the blank spaces...”


“Screen Memories.” Hobart, July 9, 2017.

“As a preschool teacher, I often think about how the numbers and letters I teach my children will remain in their memories, but how I myself will disappear...”

“Duck, Duck, Goose.” Wisconsin People & Ideas, vol. 61, no. 4, 2015.

“When the children drew pictures of our school, it always looked as if they were drawing a jail...”